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Use of glass is an essential feature of modern architecture. Scientific research has made available a large variety of glass in the market. Nowadays most popular variety of glass is Tempered Safety Glass.

Following are the main characteristics of tempered safety glass:

  1. Tempered Glass is 4 - 5 times stronger than the standard glass. It cannot be easily broken.
  2. If hit very hard, it breaks into small fragments, which minimize the chances of major injuries.
  3. Tempered glass is safer for earthquake prone area.
  4. Use of steel grills in windows makes building looks very ugly and obstruct outside view. Tempered glass is an excellent solution to this problem. Steel grill can be easily cut by an intruder whereas tempered safety glass cannot be cut. If an intruder tries to break tempered glass it would create an explosion type of noise thereby alerting the residents.
  5. It is cheaper and more elegant than standard brick and mortar walls.

Due to the above mentioned characteristics, use of Tempered Glass is mandatory in multi-storied buildings, plazas and public places alike banks, hospitals, restaurants, jewelers’ shops, bakery shops, general stores, air-ports etc., in many developed countries. Besides, it is also used in glass furniture, shower cubicles, cooking range microwave ovens, cars, buses railway, wagon and many other articles.


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