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  • 85 TPD Figured Glass manufacturing capacity - Photovaultic Process
  • 75 TPD Clear Sheet Glass manufacturing capacity – Pittsburgh Process
  • 30 TPD Glassware manufacturing capacity - Waltec Press Process
  • 150 TPD 1-10mm Clear Glass manufacturing capacity - Semi Float Process
  • Forced Convection Tempering Technology for Low-e Glass
  • Flat & Bend Tempered Safety Glass in Super Jumbo sizes
  • Bystronic-Lenhardt Insulating Glass Units production line

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We are operating two flat glass manufacturing plants namely Gunj Glass Works Ltd.,and Ali Glass industries (Pvt.) Ltd., in Pakistan. We are the largest Sheet, Figured and Safety glass producers in the country with production capacity of over 200 tons per day of flat glass, 15,000 Sqft/day of safety glass and 30 tons per day of glassware products.

Mission & Vision

As the oldest glass company in the country, our pride is to provide international quality glass products to Pakistani consumers.

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Standard Prices (Updated)

4mm Flat Tempering : Rs 50/sqft (Standard Sizes apply)

5mm Flat Tempering : Rs 65/sqft (Standard Sizes apply)

6mm Flat Tempering : Rs 75/sqft (Standard Sizes apply)

7mm Flat Tempering : Rs 85/sqft (Standard Sizes apply)

8mm Flat Tempering : Rs 95/sqft (Standard Sizes apply)

10mm Flat Tempering : Rs 105/sqft (Standard Sizes apply)

12mm Flat Tempering : Rs 120/sqft (Standard Sizes apply)

15mm Flat Tempering : Rs 150/sqft (Minimum Order of 1000 sqft applies)

19mm Flat Tempering : Rs 200/sqft (Minimum Order of 1000 sqft applies)

5mm Bent Tempering : Rs 500/sqft (Minimum Order of 500 sqft applies)

12mm Bent Tempering : Rs 800/sqft (Minimum Order of 500 sqft applies)

Special Prices Available for bulk orders (>5000sqft)

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