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  • 85 TPD Figured Glass manufacturing capacity - Photovaultic Process
  • 75 TPD Clear Sheet Glass manufacturing capacity – Pittsburgh Process
  • 30 TPD Glassware manufacturing capacity - Waltec Press Process
  • 150 TPD 1-10mm Clear Glass manufacturing capacity - Semi Float Process
  • Forced Convection Tempering Technology for Low-e Glass
  • Flat & Bend Tempered Safety Glass in Super Jumbo sizes
  • Bystronic-Lenhardt Insulating Glass Units production line
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Standard Prices (Updated)

4mm Flat Tempering : Rs 50/sqft (Standard Sizes apply)

5mm Flat Tempering : Rs 65/sqft (Standard Sizes apply)

6mm Flat Tempering : Rs 75/sqft (Standard Sizes apply)

7mm Flat Tempering : Rs 85/sqft (Standard Sizes apply)

8mm Flat Tempering : Rs 95/sqft (Standard Sizes apply)

10mm Flat Tempering : Rs 105/sqft (Standard Sizes apply)

12mm Flat Tempering : Rs 120/sqft (Standard Sizes apply)

15mm Flat Tempering : Rs 150/sqft (Minimum Order of 1000 sqft applies)

19mm Flat Tempering : Rs 200/sqft (Minimum Order of 1000 sqft applies)

5mm Bent Tempering : Rs 500/sqft (Minimum Order of 500 sqft applies)

12mm Bent Tempering : Rs 800/sqft (Minimum Order of 500 sqft applies)

Special Prices Available for bulk orders (>5000sqft)

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