Clear Flat Glass

Gunj is known since decades for using quality Clear Flat Glass, which is manufactured, with the use of Belgian Technology that is known as Glaverbal Glass Technology. The process of Glaverbel achieves the goal of drawing flat glass at liquid level, able to produce 0.8mm to 12 mm thick glass and is mainly characterized by bringing out extravagant transparency, good sleek look with excellent quality along with long term stable production of thin glass which is measured to be below 3mm. The Division of Flat Glass at Gunj, is categorized as Ultra Thin, tinted and flat glass. This process is done by utilising two furnaces of Gunj Glass.

One of the furnace manufactures 100 TPD of Flat Glass with the use of “Pittsburgh Process” while the other one forms 150 TPD with the help of Glaverbel Ultra Thin process (Originated in Belgium).


Product Range

Thickness: 2mm to 10mm
Maximum size: 1830mm x 2136mm