Double Glaze Glass

Insulated glass (IGU) or Double Glazed Glass consists of two units of glass which is pressed together in between of an aluminium spacer. It usually has air gap but can be replaced with argon or krypton. Structural Sealant is used to bond the glass together with a seal between the edges of the pane.

Double glazing has the reverse effect in summers, which is prevention of unwanted heat from penetrating into the house. This extra insulation lessens our customer’s reliance on artificial heaters and air conditioners. This leads to ultimately reducing your energy costs. With the help of Double Glazed machine which is imported from Bystronic Germany, we carry out the manufacturing of this type of glass. To ensure the maintenance of this machine, the accessories used are either Italian or German. We are proud to be the one to have our hands on the most advanced machine in Glass Industry of Pakistan.

Following are the advantages of IGU

Double glazing has the reverse effect in summer, preventing unwanted heat from coming into the home. This extra insulation lessens your
reliance on artificial heaters and air conditioners and can ultimately reduce your energy costs.
Our Double Glazed machine is from Bystronic Germany. Its one and only Most Advance machine in Pakistan. All the accessories used in
this process are german or Italian made.

Max Size

91” X 137”