Patterned Glass

Gunj Glass is famous for being the sole producer of Pattern/Patterned? Glass in Pakistan’s Glass Manufacturing Industry. This is because it is successful in developing a quality patterned glass with a thickness of 2mm up to 10mm.

Figured Glass, which is another name for Pattern glass is mainly produced in the rolling process, without being transparent, clear (translucent).

The glass can show-off/offer best results with a pattern imprinted on one or both sides. This glass can be laminated or toughened depending on the depth of the pattern to produce a safety glass.

Patterned Glass has a wide range of applications in the residential and commercial sector/world.

Product Range: can be listed(will look formal)


Product Range

Design: Gunj stars, Gunj Flowers, Gunj Matt, Gunj Daimond, Gunj Lines,
Gunj Honey, Gunj Frosted, Gunj Cloud

Thickness: 2mm to 10mm
Maximum size: 1830mm x 2136mm

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